Mask for Cobra Mustang

Paint Masks for Productive Painting

Fabtech is an American company that brings to you 35 years of quality service leading the way in pricing and excellence in spray paint masks. Fabtech manufactures virtually every type and style of washable paint masks for all types of decorating jobs in the United States and throughout the world. Our masks are backed by a broad line of fixtures and automatic and semi-automatic machines. Take advantage of Fabtech's proven experience and let us help you determine the most economical and efficient method of a decorating operation to meet each of your specific requirements.

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Masks Mean Maximum Profitable Production

Fabtech manufactures nickel and stainless steel washable paint masks backed by a broad line of fixtures for any decorating job for the automotive, toy, cosmetic, appliance, sports and computer industries. Masking tools are used to selectively coat products having two or more colors using decorative and functional coatings such as paint, epoxy, glue, resin, silvercoat, and RFI shielding.

Masking tools are used for selective coating products having two or more colors or functional coatings such as paint epoxy, glue, resin, silvercoat, RFI shielding, etc. Masking tools can be used on metal, plastic, wood, glass, ceramic and rubber products. Each mask is precision-built to help you decorate more in the least possible time.

Fabtech offers quality spray paint masks custom crafted to your exact decorating needs ... whether your parts are large or small, simple or intricate. Each mask is precision built to help you decorate more in the least possible time.

Masks are strong and durable for rapid decorating of even the finest details over an extended service period. They're smooth and clean creating less time off the job for washing. Fabtech baffling and bridging methods provide maximum efficiency in multi-color decorating. Correct finger clearances mean simpler, speedier handling.

Most important, Fabtech masks are reasonably priced ... helping to keep costs low and push profits up.

Consider These Five Advantages

  • Quality Construction: Precisely crafted of the finest materials for perfect fit, perfect painting of even the most complex or oversized parts.
  • Long Life: Ruggedly built for extra-long service under adverse conditions.
  • Full Line: Virtually every type paint mask for every type of decorating job - backed by a broad line of fixtures.
  • Fast Delivery: Fabtech offers the most dependable delivery in the industry.
  • Engineering Service: Technical assistance in decorating techniques and product design for volume decorating.


Mold shrinkage takes place when the material hardens or sets in the mold. Once this shrinkage has been established and fixed for the entire run, it shouldn't be a problem to the decorator. A mask should not be made until the part has been set on a production cycle, at which time the shrinkage should be uniform on each part.

Thermal expansion is a serious problem with the decoration of large parts. It is often difficult to determine if a change in dimension is the result of mold shrinkage due to cycle change, or that of thermal expansion. To check this is sometimes difficult, as a controlled part might not be available.

Multiple color jobs can often be done with one mask, handling two or three colors at a time, providing the colors are separated by enough space to insert a baffle. The area should be such that dry spray from the gun will not float into the other areas.

Fabtech Painting Fixtures

The efficiency, economy and versatility of Fabtech Painting Fixtures are seldom equalled. Increased production and high-quality uniformity quickly pay for the comparatively small investment required. This is because of Fabtech's design/engineering skills acquired through broad experience in producing paint spray decorating equipment of all kinds.

Fabtech fixtures hold the mask and part precisely in position. This results in sharp, accurate decoration which holds rejects to an unbelievable minimum. Parts are held firmly to the mask and always in the identical position which is impossible to attain with hand pressure. Parts and masks are accurately positioned with an air-cussioned action which is fast, and firm, yet ideally gentle. Release is an instantaneous action which contributes significantly to the attainment of maximum production levels.

Take advantage of Fabtech's proven experience in designing and producing masks, fixtures and production decorating machines. Let us help you determine the most economical and efficient method of a decorating operation to meet each of your specific requirements.

Vertical Fixture

  • Custom built for customer part
  • Rectangular steel tubing construction
  • One 2" dia. bore air cylinder
  • Foot pedal, hose, fittings and rotary quick disconnect
  • Rack and Pinion gear for registration of part with paint mask
  • Operates on 45 to 65 psi air
Optional Equipment
  • Part loading rest pad - fabricated metal or epoxy
  • Sliding (in & out) rest pad for deep part to cut down on height of fixture
  • Double cylinder to accommodate parts up to 72" in length
  • Special hingetop fixture custom designed for easy loading and unloading of deep parts
  • Steel stand
Vertical Fixture

Open Top Vertical Action Fixture

  • 4 inch swivel lock down wheels
  • Open back so that part can extend further into mask
  • Pneumatic filter regulator and oiler
  • 2-sided rack & pinion guiding system
Open Top Vertial Action Fixture

Trunnion Fixture

  • Mask rotates 360° on a horizontal axis
  • Pneumatic or hand operated, multi-station mask can be used
  • Mask can be 2 sided to paint both sides with one clamping holding parts in position
Power Option
  • Air motor gear box chain drive
  • RFL, hand lever or foot pedal control for back and forth motion
Trunnion Fixture

2010 Power Fixture

  • Vertical acting fixture with hinge top
  • Tilt forward and remote anti-tie down palm button activator
2010 Power Fixture

2015 Power Fixture

  • Vertical acting fixture with hinge top
  • Tilt forward
  • Wheels, RFL, hand lever or foot pedal activator
2015 Power Fixture